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"Rapid-Fire Relationships Anne Kadet Writes That Speed Networking May Be the Quintessential NYC Meet-and-Greet"
By Anne Kadet
Wall Street Journal; February 14th, 2014


"Speed networking may be the quintessential NYC meet-and-greet: efficient, high-powered and intense. Networking for Professionals founder Amanda Nissman, who organized the event, says no town embraces the medium like New York. "It's suited to the type-A personality," she says. "No small talk! If we can't do business, move on!..."

"But the benefit of speed networking is the chance to refine your pitch over and over and over and over and over. I delivered my spiel 24 times. By evening's end, my throat hurt and my feet were sore, but my pitch had improved...

"But not all speed networking events are created equal. Veterans say that events charging a cover attract more serious, established professionals..."

"I don't think anyone's head exploded at Ms. Nissman's event, where I met Mr. Takiff. Participants lounged on padded benches and enjoyed five-minute sessions. The $30 evening attracted a well-dressed, older crowd including a CPA, an anger-management specialist and a divorce lawyer..."

"The most charming participants treated the event like a fun little party. I fell in love with the real-estate agent who chatted genially about writing and the horrors of networking..."

"Others plunged right into their elevator speeches, rattling off credentials. But this, too, can be delightful. One broker sat down and with little prompting delivered a fascinating tale..."

"Ms. Nissman says it's about expanding your network rather than direct sales. And it's important to be realistic: "You're not going to come and meet Donald Trump!"

But you will meet fun folks who are optimistic enough to hurl themselves into the speed-networking void and see what happens..."

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